A long time member of the AECC staff, Heather enjoys the fast pace and challenge of emergency medicine. While her duties include working as an emergency technician, the majority of her time is spent as one of the two dedicated surgery technicians.

“As an emergency technician, you don’t always know what to expect, but troubleshooting and planning can start as early as when the phone call come in,” says Heather. “Sometimes the initial phone call gives you a heads up on what to expect, but many times the first information you have on a patient is when they come through the door.”

As a technician, Heather’s responsibilities involve what Heather calls “everything from the front door to the back door” such as working well under pressure, comforting the pet family, providing great patient care, addressing financial concerns, performing diagnostics, and being the veterinarian’s first eyes and ears — and with a smile on your face and professionalism.

Her career began at a veterinary clinic in Brevard County when she was just 18, and worked in an emergency hospital in North Carolina. She knew from a young age that she had a love of animals, even being called “EllieMae” by her father because she was always bringing home stray pets. You can understand that when you realize the collection of pets she now has: Hoolah, (American Bulldog); Siren (Yorkie);  Webigail, Calico Domestic Short Hair that she saved at about 10 days old; Appollo, another cat saved by good samaritan Heather; Fizz Gigg the Tortoise, and Fluffy the Burmese Python.

Heather will tell you that when a patient goes home and is markedly different and better than when they originally arrived at the hospital, it is a very rewarding feeling. “It is so rewarding to work with such a knowledgeable and compassionate group of professionals at AECC. We are all here because of the desire to heal and help animals, and in doing that, we all have become friends with a common goal. If you have a job that you love to do….. you will never work a day in your life!”