Joe, CVT

Joe is a man of many interests. He is a certified veterinary technician, graduated from St. Petersburg College, but also has prior training as both a firefighter and EMT. He fell in love with veterinary medicine while he was working as an overnight assistant in a 24 hour veterinary clinic during his time in EMT school. After finishing the EMT program, he decided to become a certified technician and remain in veterinary medicine. His future goal in this field is to become specialized in critical care medicine.

Joe’s responsibilities at AECC include assisting with triaging emergency patients, care for the critical inpatient, placing IV catheters and drawing blood for diagnostic procedures. While he is here at AECC he hopes to share his knowledge and experience with the team as well as learn as much as possible from them.  Joe feels that the most rewarding part of being in this field is seeing the joy of families when he is able to help their pets in a time of need.

Joe is the proud pet owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer named Bernie, 2 cats named Tigerchip and Cheddar Chip, and Emma, a Rose Hair Tarantula.