Kerry Sweeney

As a veterinary assistant, Kerry is responsible for greeting clients, taking health histories and vitals on patients, as well as assisting with diagnostics and treatments.

For the past 15 years, Kerry worked at the zoo caring for the animals, 12 years as a zookeeper. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Green Mountain College, completed primate enrichment and training, and has worked with large animal rescue.

Kerry’s family pets include her horse Marz (Andalusian); dogs Frank (Black Mouth Cur), Billy (Boxer Mix), and Josie (Black Mouth Cur); Cats Beans (Domestic Short Hair) and Tim (Munchkin); Chickens Roxanne (Barred Rock), Marg (Buff Orpington), Eleanor (Americana) and Jack (Buff Orpinton); and Shirley (Black Sexlink).