Raneem, CVT

Reneem is a beneficial member of the AECC team. Her current responsibilities include performing various treatments on patients, handling the emergencies that arrive at the facility and communicating with the patient’s owners. While Raneem is working here, she hopes to learn more hands on skills and expand her knowledge in veterinary medicine.

Growing up around animals lead Raneem down a path caring for animals and her passion for medicine inspired her to choose a career in veterinary medicine. She has always loved seeing animals healthy and happy and achieves satisfaction when she knows her efforts, in both treating and educating, helped her patients and their families. Raneem’s ultimate career goal is to become a veterinarian.

Raneem is a loving pet owner of 2 Lynx Point Tabbies named Sasha and Luna, Dennis a domestic shorthair, as well as Brewster, her Ridgeback Boxer Mix.