Terri, CVT, CCRA

Since 2003, Terri has worked as a veterinary technician at AECC. She is part of a dedicated team that provides an optimum level of nursing care to the animals and much needed reassurance to the pet parents that their beloved pet receives compassion and love while they are being treated at the hospital.

Her duties include performing diagnostic procedures (bloodwork, x-rays, anesthesia) and out-patient care. Terri is certified as a canine rehabilitation assistant and assists in underwater treadmill therapy, acupuncture, cold laser therapy and other physical rehabilitation therapies according to the Veterinarians recommendations and treatment plan.

Terri has an Associate of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College, in St. Petersburg, FL. She is a Hills Nutritional Consultant, attends the North American Veterinary Conference annually, and attends numerous continuing educational seminars throughout the year.

Animal behavior and rehabilitation is of great interest to Terri. In fact, it was her own pets leg fractures that pushed her to work in the field in order to give her own pets the very best possible care. Her home is filled with rescued pets that now have a loving pet parent: Dogs Zikarita and Skeeter (Catahoula Leopard Mix) Cats Redford, Gilbert, Nick, and Jessilynn. She takes care of many feral cats that have their “own” house: Pugsley, Muttons, CK, Luna, Sabrina, and Storm. She also has a variety of bird species including Cindi (Amazon); Kenra (Cockatiel); Poogu (Quaker Parrot); KoKoBe (Conure); and a Mourning Dove named Ralphie.

Terri finds her work very rewarding and says seeing pets get better and go home is the most rewarding part. “Nursing care is an important part of what we do. Showing compassion for the patient and their owners and then seeing how they both react to being able to go home is so rewarding.”