Sheryl and Dale K. (Yelp)

I have been meaning to commend Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center for their outstanding care of our dog last year when she impaled herself on a garden fence.  It was on a Saturday afternoon, we called our local Vet and the recording referred us to this center.  Upon calling, was advised to bring her in immediately.  Waited only a few minutes before she was seen and immediately assessed by Dr Brackett.  He explained that he would do exploratory and advise us by phone but that she didn’t appear to be in any major critical condition in light of the horrific impalement.  We waited at home a few miles away and received a call to come pick her up.  The staff was amazingly compassionate, polite and very thorough on the discharge instructions.  It was a blessing to have her treated that day and we took her to our regular vet, South Patrick Animal Hospital for a re-check a few days later.  While there a family was stricken with grief from their dog being attacked and they were taken care of in such a loving and compassionate manner.  Before we left, I observed them providing a beautiful memorial casket for their pet.  We are blessed to have this center in our town.  Thank you Dr’s and staff of Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center.  I pray I will never have to use you again, but am comforted in knowing you will be there when our blessed veterinarian is not available.