Cat Proofing Christmas


Cat lovers know that kitties love shiny, fluffy and wobbly things to play with and that cats love climbing and being in high places.  When you set up your glorious tree complete with lights and beautiful ornaments your cat is thinking only one thing…a present for me?

You spent time decking the tree – here is a list to keep the cat from wrecking the tree.

1. Choose the right size tree.

A smaller tree or tabletop tree may be a good choice – especially if your cat is extra curious.


Use a baby or pet gate. Move tables and chairs away from the tree.  Your cat could choose to use large sturdy objects close to the tree as a launch pad.

3. Use extra snug ornament hooks.

Twist the hooks your ornaments hang from tightly onto both the branches and the ornament.  That way, if your tree does take a tumble, ornaments are less likely to fall off and break.

4. Use deterrents.

Sprays such as apple bitter or a natural citrus spray are unpleasant to cats.  Remember to spray before adding lights to avoid electrical hazard. Wrapping the base of the tree in tin foil is also an option. Tin foil can also be used as a climbing deterrent when wrapped around the base of the tree.  Foil could also be used to cover the water reservoir and prevent pets from drinking the potentially poisonous tree water.

5. Decorate Wisely.

Avoid hanging breakable or edible decorations on the lower part of the tree.  Skip the tinsel – tinsel is prime munching material in the eyes of a cat. It poses a choking hazard and is likely to cause intestinal blockage if eaten.

6. GAin control of the cords

Hanging electrical cords are a constant temptation for kitties who love to play and bite. Secure cords to the wall using tape.  Don’t forget to unplug all of the lights if you are leaving you cat home alone.

7. Remove tempting presents.

This one is obvious but we had to say it – don’t store toys full of catnip or a bag of your cat’s favorite treats under the tree.  Let Santa put out the goodies on Christmas Eve instead.

We hope these tips help keep your tree and your cat out of harms way this holiday.

Do you have any tips to on cat-proofing your Christmas tree?  Share with us on Facebook.

Can’t get enough Christmas cat? Check out these videos of cats that are sure to find themselves on Santa’s naughty list.

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